A place called home

Although there are styles and trends we all tend to get drawn to, when it comes to our homes we also like to feel we have “made them our own”. As home is often a reflection of our lifestyle and personalities.

We wanted to embrace and explore this concept to create 3 unique interpretations of home that could be showcased through a diverse range of imagery. So we drew up three profiles upon which to base the interior designs and imagery from.

Young Professional; Ambitious and successful, confident and sociable, active and fun.
Professional Couple; torn between the city living and the country life, Comfortable and content
Retired Banker; Second residence who likes to keep abreast of business life and enjoys the finer things.

Collaborating with creative thinkers No Chintz we set ourselves the challenge to design and visualise how each scheme might look. Designing and building the internal fabric of the interior, which could then furnished and dressed to reflect each profile. Bringing each design to life through a series of images, showed how a single space has the versatility to reflect the aspirations of home for many different lifestyles.

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